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There is only ONE true method of governance that equals true freedom - and that is through a NON-CORPORATE "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC".

True, we are all bound by borders, beginning with those that encapsulate your "Home Land ( where you are, in a corporate sense - a "CITIZEN" , a "PERSON", a "RESIDENT").

So, how can you be truly free when you are bound by borders.

Well, you can be free within those borders, as can all living men and living women who reside within the borders of their own homelands.

What it takes is the courage to create the changes necessary to ensure what transpires within those borders, is for the benefit of "We The People", and not the Oligarchs that use fear and oppression to "Control" you, thereby making them even more wealthy off your misery.

How many elections ( selections ) have we heard the Politicians, vomit REPEATEDLY freedom, accountability, transparency, and tax reduction, etc.?


Then when they get into power, all you do is get more taxation, less freedom and more control - quite the opposite.

And  to justify their theft, they always blame the outgoing "PARTY", as the reason they have to kick you in the back pocket - yet again - and the cycle NEVER ends!!!

We think it's time to initiate change at a grass roots level.

The one's that should be running government are "We The People", not a bunch of wealthy clowns that go into politics to enrich themselves, or their "Puppet Masters" at your expense.

I mean, think about it - name a politician, either Federally or Provincially, who leaves office less wealthy than when they go in?

Meanwhile, you may find this interview very very interesting - Canada - A Country Without A Constitution

Then, find out how you, as a living man or woman, were basically killed off as an infant and resurrected as a "CORPORATION", and why.

It's time to "Meet Your Strawman",

Check it out - and......

Thank you for your patience.

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