It's Time To Take Back Our Lives And Our Freedoms!

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I don't know about you, but from my many years on this earth, I have seen some drastic changes that are NOT evolutionary, but human made.

What do I mean about that?

We all have been living in a MATRIX for generations.  Evolving slowly, since each generation that comes along, measure reality during the time of their mental and physical growth.

Those that come before them, see the changes if they take 5 minutes to reflect.

This has been going on for generations, and it's a controlled, calculated process spanning many lifetimes - but it is now coming to fruitation when those "In The Know", and have hoarded 90% of the worlds wealth and now wield unprecedented control.

I believe this video will shed some light on that.  To have your mind open to reality, one must take a step outside the box - outside their comfort zone.  To put their fears away ( since fear is the biggest killer of mankind ), and focus on what is true, not what is fantasy.

Watch, bookmark, and watch again - because this may not be the complete picture, but sums it up pretty well to get your investigative juices flowing.

Destiny is NOT ordained - it is "DESIGNED" - and not necessarily by god.  We the people have "CHOICE" - which can be good or bad depending upon your intellect and care.

Watch -  Listen - Learn - Click Here!

Please share this - make others wake up to the reality of the horrors that await, that are NOT conspiracy theories, but proven facts showing a proven path - to the Destruction of Humanity, by it's own hand.,

Thank you for your patience.